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Sports Water Bottle (With Straw) - 800 ml

LE 55.00

- Mintra's water bottle is the perfect companion for any person who just wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to take it to the gym, a morning jog, or even to school or work, our water bottle will be convenient and handy.

- Mintra's water bottles are produced from Tritan, which is the safest material for water bottles. They are BPA FREE & FDA APPROVED. Reusable, durable and recyclable plastic material ( Made from eco-friendly BPA free material that ensures product safety. Passed strict safety tests of the US FDA as well as EU regulations on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food)

- With an airtight silicon seal, this water bottle will never leak or bother you like other water bottles you have previously purchase

- The handle will make it convenient to just attach to a bag or just carry it around in your hand

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
ممتازة وسعرها مناسب

الزجاجة ممتازة وعملية للأطفال
وبتقفل كويس , سعرها مناسب جدا

عيوبها : سريعة الخدش من الخارج فقط

Sports water bottle with straw

A very good material and elegant look really good for school or club

mahmoud hassan

الزجاجه كويسه
ولكن اللى جاتلى كان البلاستك بتاعها متخربش ومش صافي كده كأنه مستخدم مثلا من فتره او قديمه ودي من عيوب الأونلاين عموما ان الواحد مش بيقدر يبنقي الحاجه اللى بيشتريها

Yasmin Helmy
Nice product

No smell, no water coming out I give it to my daughters School very nice unbreakable