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Batique Notebook (Black)

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Meet the Batique Notebook - the perfect blend of functionality and style. This unique notebook comes with 3 subjects, allowing you to keep your notes and ideas neatly organized in one place.

With 10 plastic pockets, it conveniently stores loose papers or important documents, while the sturdy hardback cover provides extra protection for your valuable notes. The front cover's durability ensures it withstands everyday wear and tear.

Equipped with an expanding back pocket and a removable ruler, this notebook offers added convenience for storing essentials and precise measurements.

The unique design on the cover and the secure elastic strap closure add a touch of elegance and ensure your notes are safe on the go. 

Experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics with the Batique Notebook - your go-to companion for creative expression and organized note-taking.

Dimensions: 21.6 x 26.7 cm

Paper thickness: 56 gsm

Number of Sheets: 150 sheets