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Backpack 10 L

LE 65.00
Material: Polyester. 
Mintra Bags are made from durable fabric, zippers and straps. It Is waterproof which will keep your belongings safe on a rainy day.
This range of colours will always allow you to find the perfect bag that suits you

Size: 10 Litres H: 34,5 cm W: 25 cm D: 10 cm 
Mini size but fits up to your A4 notebooks, water bottle, or even your gym clothes . This backpack can fit tablets or laptops up to 12 inches.

Usage: This multigenerational  backpack is perfect for every day use. With its adjustable straps, it can fit children, teenagers, and young adults. Whether you want a small and light backpack to fit your school or college notebooks, or whether you just want a backpack to take on an outing, or even a sports bag, this backpack will be the perfect match for you.