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Rectangular Unbreakable tray

LE 40.00


Polypropylene BPA FREE & FDA APPROVED. Reusable, durable and recyclable plastic material ( Made from eco-friendly BPA free material that ensures product safety. Passed strict safety tests of the US FDA as well as EU regulations on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food)


Dishwasher safe on top rack, microwave safe up to 400W


This unbreakable tray is convenient for you to use to serve your guests, or to use in a party, or even everyday with your kids without worrying about it breaking! Great for everything from delis, casual restaurants, catered events, and even for home usage. Well-suited for carrying hot plates of steamy food, and hot beverages like serving tea and coffee. Ideal for carrying multiple entree plates.


Stain and odor resistant, color blends with any décor. Tray is made of durable yet light-weight plastic. It features raised edges to help ensure that your dishes don't slip off the edge.